HQS 459

Open Today:09:30 AM-11:00 PM

+971 43459000

Nearest Parking:South 3

Dress Code:Casual dining

HQ’S 459

HQ’S 459 believes that breakfast is a dish best served all day. Here, breakfast takes centre stage with a wide spread of fresh, healthy treats (as well as more hefty ones) available all-day. The people HQ’S 459 know how to have fun with food, coming up with novel bites like their camera-ready coloured trio of three burger sliders. Join the fun...

PS. They're also open for dinner.

Daily Iftar and Suhoor menus for AED 99

Starters include juice and a selection between Jallab, Tamarind, Kamardin and Labneh

Soup: Either Lentil Soup or Harira Soup

Mezzeh Platter

Hummus, labneh, spinach fatayer, vegetables spring roll, mini zaatar & cheese manakeesh, chicken sambousek, crudites

Main: A selection between lamb shank with mint cilantro rice or chicken biryani or mixed grill (lamb chop, beef skewer, beef kebab, chicken shashlik)

Desserts: A selection between Pistachio & rose milk cake or Umm Ali

Ramadan Offer:
"Make your Ramadan special with HQ'S 459!"
"Revive the traditions of the Holy Month of Ramadan with your loved ones at HQ'S 459 to savor our daily Iftar and Suhoor!"

Iftar Menu

Ramadan Juice
Jallab, Tamarind, Kamardin, Labneh (choose 1)
Lentil Soup or Harira Soup
Mezzeh Platter
Hummus, Labneh, Spinach Fatayer, Vegetables Spring Roll, Mini Zaatar & Cheese Manakeesh, Chicken Sambousek, Crudites

Lamb Shank with Mint Cilantro Rice or Chicken Biryani or Mix Grill (Lamb Chop, Beef Skewer, Beef Kebab, Chicken Shashlik)

Pistachio & Rose Milk Cake or Umm Ali
AED 99 per person
Price is excluding of 5% VAT

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