Apr 08
Apr 10, 2021
THE PERFECT GIFT IS SAVING LIVES Join our blood donation journey
How to donate?

You can register once you arrive at the blood donation bus.
Blood Donation bus dates: 8th to 10th April, 2021
Blood Donation bus journey timing: 5:00PM - 10:00PM
Blood Donation bus location: La Mer - Central.

About Dubai Blood Donation Centre: -
The Dubai Blood Donation Centre (DBDC) is the only centre that provides blood donation services in Dubai, providing blood and blood components to patients in need across both the government and private health facilities.

Who can donate blood?
If you are healthy and between the age of 18 to 65 years, you are eligible to donate blood.

Is it safe to donate blood?
Yes, it is safe to donate blood and blood products like plasma. You cannot get any disease from donating blood. All materials and supplies used to collect blood are new, sterile and disposable, and used only once. A qualified and certified team will assist you to ensure your safety during donation.

What are the benefits of blood donation?
It helps the body get rid of excess iron It also activates the bone marrow to produce new blood cells Regular blood donation decreases the possibility of having heart diseases and stroke Blood donation is a humanitarian act that helps save lives of needy patients

What are the required documents?
If you are on a visit visa or transit visa, then you are not eligible to donate blood as per UAE Health Regulations. You can donate if you have a valid Emirates ID or GCC ID.

What are the eligible criteria?
Age between 18 to 65 years, weight should be 55 kg or above, and:

• You should get enough sleep, prior to the day of donation.
• You should ensure that you are in good health at the time of blood donation.
• Your travel history will be considered as part of your eligibility to donate blood.
• Pregnant and lactating women are not eligible to donate blood.
• If you received COVID-19 vaccination, you could donate blood only after 7 days from the date of vaccination (either 1st or 2nd dose)

Note: You cannot donate blood for 28 days in case you:

• Have experienced symptoms of COVID-19
• Are currently self-quarantining
• Have had a positive COVID-19 diagnostic test (nasal swab test)

How long does it take to give blood & Is there any payment involved?
It usually takes around 50 - 60 minutes - to donate whole blood & 60 - 80 minutes to donate platelets by apheresis and up to 60 minutes to donate double red cells. No, there is no payment involved. Blood donation and platelet donations are voluntary services.

How to donate blood?

1. Download the DHA App
2. Click on DAMMI - Blood Donation
3. Click on Donate Blood today
4. Fill out the questionnaire

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