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DIY Tiramisu Ice-cream
Beat the summer heat with this homemade tiramisu ice cream recipe.
Let's get creative with Tiramisu Ice Cream... add some finishing touches at home for even more flavour!

STEP 1 - Order Screamaway (6 scoops/500g tub) of Tiramisu Ice Cream
STEP 2 - Pop the delicious Tiramisu Ice Cream in a dish
STEP 3 - Pour hot melted chocolate on top
STEP 4 - Sprinkle on some ground coffee
STEP 5 - Add almonds and dates as toppings
STEP 6 - Remember to share with the family
  • Yoga with Dannielle Blaker

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    • Outside The Box
      Yoga with Dannielle Blaker
      Vinyasa & deep stretch teacher Dannielle provides a 30-minute yoga/stretch class. This class is available for all levels

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