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HOLA’s Latin fruit base delicacies hand-crafted with love.
Discover how HOLA make their hand-made Paletas in a wide variety range from vegan, gluten-free, fruity and fun fresh Paletas. Everyone’s favorite summer go-to ice popsies!
Here is a step-by-step process of HOLA’s paleta making:

1. Grab your ingredient of choice - could be fresh fruits, coconut water, cold chocolate base, non-dairy milks, if needed add honey! You can get creative with it.
2. Blend your ingredients all together.
3. Mix well until consistency is smooth enough for freezing
4. On the side, place your ice popsicle sticks in the mould
5. After placing the sticks, pour your mixture equally into the mould
6. Place your batch into the blast chiller for 10-20 minutes
7. Enjoy your summer paleta!
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